apply at nwu online application 2023-2024

apply at nwu online application 2023-2024

apply at nwu online application 2023-2024

apply at nwu online application 

About nwu

  • The North-West University (NWU) is fully committed to working as a unitary, embedded, multi-campus university capable of providing competitive international teaching and research on all campuses. In our eight faculties, which serve both online and contact learners, those relevant aspects are linked with community outreach and entrepreneurship.
  • Campus locations:
    Vaal Triangle Campus: Vanderbijlpark (
    Potchefstroom Campus: Potchefstroom (
    Mafikeng Campus: Mahikeng (
  • The world’s biggest science communication competition held its last encounter on Thursday, November 25, 2021, in the FameLab International 2021 online final, wherein ten young researchers and professionals competed for the title of world’s finest science communicator. 
  • Letago Kgomoeswana of the North-West University (NWU) served the university as well as South Africa, and she did her country and the NWU well when she was awarded runner-up to Samantha Nixon of Australia. The worldwide champion was announced to be Alex Cloherty of the Netherlands.

apply at nwu online application 2023-2024

How to Apply for the 2023/2024 North-West University Online Application (NWU)

To apply and enrol for undergraduate and postgraduate courses, follow the steps outlined below:

Obtaining a student identification number (start at step 2 if you already have one)

  • Go to the application platform’s website.
  • Select New application.
  • To create a new student number, go to Create a new student number and fill out all of the fields.
  • Qualification at the undergraduate level

1 April (Applications open):

Closing dates:

  • Non-selection courses: 31 August
  • Music: 31 August – Also apply for an audition before the closing date
  • Graphic Design: 31 August
  • Engineering: 31 August
  • Occupational Hygiene: 31 August
  • Urban and Regional planning: 31 August
  • All other selection courses: 30 June

Visit apply online, go to THIS LINK.

Prospectus for North-West University Online Application (NWU) in 2023/2024

Qualification for Postgraduate Studies

Please upload any supporting papers.

Please provide the following supporting papers in order for us to assess your application. The University may reject your application if it is incomplete:

  • If you have already passed matric, you will need your Grade 12 results, Grade 11 results (final results only), or a copy of your matric certificate.
  • Applicants who are currently enhancing their grade 12 results will be evaluated only after the NWU receives the improved results.
  • Applicants who pursue the Cambridge, GED, or any other non-NSC curriculum, or who may be eligible for an exemption due to older age or post-school qualifications, must present a USAF exemption certificate.
  • the project has finished
  • a copy of your driver’s license and a copy of your academic transcript (if applicable).
  • Additional paperwork for potential overseas students:
  • a copy of the relevant outcomes
  • a certified copy of your passport

Send in your application

  • Please ensure that you press the Submit Application button once you have completed your application to ensure that we receive it.

NWU Banking details:

  • ABSA Account number: 409 169 1369
  • Name of account: NW University Online Registrations
  • Branch code & name: 632 005, Tom Street


  • A + Prospective student’s ID no OR
  • A + student no OR
  • A+ Date of birth and surname

NWU Contact Details

Undergraduate inquiries
Inquiries for the Mahikeng, Potchefstroom, and Vanderbijlpark Campuses:
018 285 4320

Honors degree and PGCE inquiries
Kindly contact the faculties directly or use any of the below details for the Mahikeng, Potchefstroom and Vanderbijlpark Campuses:
018 299 4383/4130/4263/2445/2003
018 285 2227

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