apply to north west university 2023-2024

apply to north west university 2023-2024

apply to north west university 2023-2024

apply to north west university

About nwu

  • At the NWU, we provide students with more than just an education; we give them a place in the world. Students have a lot of alternatives and freedom in the classroom, which helps them to attain their full potential and start planning for their future professions.

apply to north west university 2023-2024

  • Hello and welcome to the main site. It comes with everything you need to get started. North-West University provides students with more than just an education; it also equips them with a place in the world. Academically, students benefit from a diverse range of alternatives and flexibility, allowing them to maximize their potential and begin planning for their future job. Across our eight faculties, core activities, teaching-learning, and research are linked with community involvement and innovation, with the majority servicing both distance and contact students.
  • Applications are accepted each year from March 1 to September 30. (Applications received after this date will not be considered; please apply before the application cycle’s closing date to ensure your application is examined.)

How to Apply for the North-West University Online Application for 2023/2024 (NWU)

Follow the processes mentioned below to apply for and register for undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications:

Getting a Student ID (start at step 2 if you already have one)

  • Go to the application platform’s website.
  • Choose New application.
  • After clicking on Create new student number, fill out all of the boxes.

Apply Online by clicking HERE.

Please upload any supporting documents.

Please upload the following supporting documents in order for us to consider your application. If the application is incomplete, the University may reject it:

  • If you have already completed your matriculation, you must send your Grade 12 results, Grade 11 results (final results only), or a copy of your matriculation certificate.
  • Applicants who are actively working to enhance their grade 12 scores will be evaluated only once the improved results have been reported to the NWU.
  • Applicants who pursue the Cambridge, GED, or any other non-NSC curriculum, or who may be exempt owing to older age or post-secondary credentials, must present a USAF exemption certificate.
  • a copy of your ID and a copy of your academic transcript (if applicable).
  • Additional documents for prospective international students:
    • A copy of relevant results
    • A copy of your passport

Send in your application
Please be sure you click the Submit Application button once you’ve finished your application so that we can get it.

Visit the NWU website for further information.

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