ebukhosini nwu 2023-2024

ebukhosini nwu 2023-2024

ebukhosini nwu 2023-2024

ebukhosini nwu

About nwu 

  • Northwest University is dedicated to operating as a unitary, integrated, multi-campus university that promotes equity, redress, and globally competitive teaching and research on all three of its campuses. In our eight faculties, which serve both distance and contact students, our focused activities, teaching-learning, and research, are linked with community engagement and innovation.
  • At the NWU, we give students more than just an education; we give them a place in the world. Students have a lot of options and flexibility in the classroom, which helps them to attain their full potential and start planning for their future careers.
  • Because of our collaboration with other universities and institutions around the world, we are a part of the global higher education community. Our internationalization efforts include student and staff exchange and cooperation in academic, research, cultural, and sporting fields.

ebukhosini nwu 2023-2024

Ebukhosini is home to 240 students, both freshmen, and seniors. This residence is located in the Vanderbijlpark CBD, off-campus.

Rooms: There are two buildings of housing, one for women and one for men. Each building consists of numerous units, each of which contains three fully furnished double rooms.

  • Other amenities include:
  • Bathrooms: Each unit has one communal bathroom.
  • Kitchens: Each apartment has one communal kitchen with a stove.
  • TV Room WiFi Communal Laundry
  • Bus service between the university and the housing is available.
  • Akhona Dalasile, residence parent Email: 21972109@nwu.ac.za

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