How to register Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Online 2023-2024

How to register Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Online 2023-2024

How to register Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Online 2023-2024

How to register Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Online

About Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University

  • Before that, the University of Port Elizabeth (UPE), the Port Elizabeth Technikon, and Vista University’s Port Elizabeth campus were all known as Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU).
  • The Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU) was established on January 1, 2005, following the merger of the PE Technikon of the University of Port Elizabeth (UPE) and the Vista University Port Elizabeth campus (Vista PE).
  • The PE Technikon has its roots in the country’s oldest art school, the PE Art School, which was established in 1882; the University of Port Elizabeth (UPE), the country’s first dual-medium residential university, which was established on 31 January 1964; and the Vista University Port Elizabeth campus, which provided disadvantaged students with access to higher education.
  • The government’s statewide reform of higher education resulted in the merger of these institutions, with the goal of delivering a more equal and efficient system to fulfill the requirements of South Africa, the continent, and the world in the twenty-first century.
  • Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University was renamed Nelson Mandela University on July 20, 2017, making it the world’s only higher education institution to bear the name Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela. The name change allowed the institution to rebrand and reposition itself on a continental and worldwide scale, as well as usher in a new age of renewed zeal in the pursuit of meaningful development.

How to register Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Online 2023-2024

Every student who wishes to begin a new qualification at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University must apply for admission using the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University online application tool. The online application window for Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University is now open for:

  • First-time Applicants to Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University
  • Students at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University who are pursuing a new qualification or specialty are encouraged to apply.
  • Students who completed a higher certificate or any other program and intend to continue with additional undergraduate studies did not register students who previously applied for admission and were not provided a space or who were offered a space and accepted the offer.

How To Register

  •  Enter your student number and PIN to access your account. If you don’t have a PIN, follow the steps on the screen to get one. The PIN will be sent to the email address you provided at Nelson Mandela University.
  • Select the registration option. This is located in the upper left corner of your screen.
  • Choose a declaration based on the application. Please read the text and acknowledge it before selecting I accept. Before you can proceed with your registration, you must first complete this process. This only applies if this is your first time registering online. Now is the time to register (on the left side of your screen).
  •  The information about your qualifications for 2021 will be presented. Select a value from the list to indicate your employment status. Continue after selecting save.
  •  Your qualification modules will be shown. Make your choice from the left-hand text box. Once you’ve decided which modules you wish to register for, click Save and Continue.
  • Note that for any given academic year, you can only register for 120 credits or your program’s annual total.
  • Select Continue and View Selected Modules.
  • Decide I agree to confirm the module registration. To complete your registration, select Accept Registration. Your registration evidence will be shown.
  • NMU will hold information sessions on its various campuses. If you require additional assistance in registering and wish to participate, please go here. According to the course you intend to study, you will discover information on where to go and when to go.
  • If your registration has been suspended due to financial constraints, please contact

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