nwu bed foundation phase online application 2023-2024

nwu bed foundation phase online application 2023-2024

nwu bed foundation phase online application 2023-2024

nwu bed foundation phase online application

About nwu

  • Northwest University is committed to operating as a unitary, integrated, multi-campus university that promotes equity, redress, and globally competitive teaching and research on all three of its campuses. In our eight faculties, the majority of which serve both distance and contact people, our principal activities, teaching-learning, and research, are linked with community participation and innovation.

nwu bed foundation phase online application 2023-2024

The BEd Foundation Phase degree’s overarching goal and objective

BEd degree in Foundation Phase

  • This qualification is intended for educators in grades R through 3. It is a four-year degree with a total of 527 credits for the program.
  • In South Africa, the Foundation Step is the initial phase of formal schooling. It entails instruction from the Reception Year, also known as Grade R (5-6 years old), until Grade 3 (9 years old). The Foundation Phase teacher is critical in creating the groundwork for future learning. Furthermore, the teacher is accountable for the holistic development of each kid in the class, including the development and enhancement of critical thinking, reading, arithmetic, social-emotional, and life skills.
  • Teachers in the Foundation Phase should be well-versed in child development, developmental abilities, physical, sensory, communication, and learning challenges in the young kid. The teacher should be able to organize developmentally and culturally appropriate activities in the classroom that address diversity and provide adequate chances for children to practice their skills.
  • The BEd Foundation Phase program at the NWU (NQF Level 7) aims to create teachers who can demonstrate general educational concepts as well as focused knowledge, skills, and competencies for teaching in Grades R to 3. In-depth specialized knowledge in theories of teaching and learning, as well as practical abilities and experience in the Foundation Phase classroom teaching context, are required for the qualification.
  • Students will be expected to develop experience in applying such knowledge, skills, values, and competencies in the context of working with Grade R to Grade 3 learners in schools as part of the qualification. The mandated curriculum will accomplish this by establishing a consistent and ongoing link between the basic theory of pedagogy, the philosophy of teaching and learning, and the topic material of Foundation Phase teaching.


  • In addition to the mandated academic entrance requirements, entry to the BEd Foundation Phase is determined by an obligatory Home Language (HL) for four years, a First Additional Language (FAL) for three years, and a Language of Basic Conversational Competence (LOCC) for one semester. Languages are available for selection as Home Language on Senior-/Matric Certificate.
  • Home Language (HL) and First Additional Language (FAL) were both passed at the fourth level (50 percent -59 percent ).
  • The English Home Language requirement in the curriculum is a passing grade 12 English First Additional Language at level 5 – a minimum of 65 percent.



Mahikeng Campus:

HL: English, Setswana.
FAL: Afrikaans, English, Setswana.

Potchefstroom Campus

HL : Afrikaans, English,  Setswana.
FAL: Afrikaans, English, Setswana.

Vanderbijlpark Campus:

HL : Afrikaans, English, IsiZulu, Sesotho.
FAL: Afrikaans,  English, IsiZulu, Sesotho.


HL : Afrikaans, English, IsiZulu, Sepedi, Sesotho, Setswana.
FAL: Afrikaans, English, IsiZulu, Setswana.


Contact Details

  • BEd Foundation Phase Program Director:
  • Susan Maree is a woman.
  • +27 (0) 16 910 3141
  • Susan.Maree@nwu.ac.za

Potchefstroom: BEd Foundation Phase Coordinator

  • Nellytia Motaung
  • +27 (0) 18 299 1713
  • Nellytia.Motaung@nwu.ac.za

Mahikeng, BEd Foundation Phase Coordinator:

  • Ellen Nkwe, Mrs.
  • +27 18 389 8669 / 2669 / +27 18 389 8669 / +27 18 389 86
  • Ellen.Nkwe@nwu.ac.za

ODL: BEd Foundation Phase Coordinator

  • Sandra Fourie
  • +27 (0) 18 299 1858
  • 24095354@nwu.ac.za

nwu bed phase

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