nwu oppirif 2023-2024

nwu oppirif 2023-2024

nwu oppirif 2023-2024


nwu oppirif

About nwu

  • Marsha Fuerst founded North-West College (NWC) in 1966. Mrs. Fuerst’s family has been involved in allied health since the early 1950s. Mrs. Fuerst’s son, Mitchell Fuerst, still actually owns North-West College. One of the College’s central tenets is the Fuersts’ enthusiasm for career education and their desire to provide high-quality, appropriate training.
  • The University’s aim is to prepare students for gainful employment through short-term projects. To accomplish this, the University has an able faculty, well-qualified administrators, and a first-rate support team. The facilities are well-equipped, clean, and tastefully set up to sustain a lively, cheery, and welcoming atmosphere. The highest priority at the College is education quality. Students are accepted based on their ability to benefit, regardless of ethnicity, appearance, or creed.

nwu oppirif 2023-2024

Oppirif is a senior hostel on the NWU Potchefstroom campus that can accommodate 504 students. The house is divided into 42 blocks, each with six apartments with two single rooms.


  • 2 single rooms, each with a bed, built-in cabinets, and a desk.
  • Bathrooms: Each apartment has a communal bathroom with a shower, toilet, and washbasin.
  • Kitchen: Communal kitchen with built-in cupboards; students are responsible for providing their own refrigerator, microwave, two-plate stove, and electrical appliances.
  • Pre-paid power is available in units that can be purchased at a variety of locations.

Other amenities include:

The Voorhuis eating hall is close by.
Students can walk to university classes using the student subway.

Specifications for the application:

Students may only apply if they meet the following criteria:

  • They are in the third year of their studies.
  • Have a bachelor’s degree from a previous institution.
  • Accepted into post-graduate programs.
  • Oppirif does not require students to stay in a dormitory, but it does attempt to provide them with an opportunity to participate in numerous communities and activities. Maintenance is well-managed, and hostel parents offer individual assistance.

Hostel reglement to be informed on the rules and regulations of Oppirif.

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