online registration nwu vaal 2023-2024

online registration nwu vaal 2023-2024

online registration nwu vaal 2023-2024


online registration nwu vaal

About nwu

  • South Africa’s North-West Institution has campuses in Potchefstroom, Mahikeng (previously Mafikeng), and Vanderbijlpark. The University’s main campus is in Potchefstroom. The North-West University has grown to become one of South Africa’s largest universities, with 64 081 students, as a result of its integrated status (full-time and distance education).

online registration nwu vaal 2023-2024

The Vaal Triangle Campus of the University of the North-West

The Vaal Triangle Campus potential signs sciences, trade, information technology, education, social science, languages, and the humanities.
These programs are supervised by the faculties of economic sciences and information technology, as well as the faculties of humanities and theology. The departments of economic sciences, accounting sciences, and information technology are all part of the Faculty of Economic Sciences and Information Technology. Students with Mathematical Literacy or a low math score in Grade 12 can enroll in extended BCom and BSc programs. Languages, Behavioural Sciences, Basic Sciences, and Educational Sciences are part of the Faculty of Humanities, which provides data in the following areas:

  • Multilingualism
  • Understanding and Processing Language
  • Positive Psychology
  • Resilience
  • Public Affairs Research on Service Delivery
  • Water Research

The campus has its own Cricket and Cycling Academies, as well as a rowing club affiliated with Rowing South Africa.

Each registration has a procedure that candidates must complete. The many processes in a link form to follow are listed below.

NWU Online Registration

Applicants can use the online registration link below to register online. Kindly note to read the Guidelines for self-registration to avoid rejection of registration.

NWU online Registration for 2023-2024

Listed below are the various online registration dates for:

  • First-year registration dates (25/01/2023 – 16/02/2023)
  • Seniors registration dates (31/01/20223– 18/02/2023)
  • 1st-semester module and qualification change (14/02/2023 – 04/03/2023)

Module NWU

  • Modifications to modules can be made using the Adds&Drops DIY software (Where amendments cannot be requested via the app, module change forms must be completed and submitted.).
  • Forms for qualification adjustments must be filled out and submitted to the faculties for review.

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