Tshwane University of Technology Online Application 2023-2024

Tshwane University of Technology Online Application 2023-2024

Tshwane University of Technology Online Application 2023-2024

Tshwane University of Technology Online Application

About Tshwane University of Technology

  • Tshwane University of Technology (TUT; Afrikaans: Tshwane-Universiteit vir Tegnologie) is a South African higher education school that was formed by combining three technikons: Technikon Northern Gauteng, Technikon North-West, and Technikon Pretoria.
  • The Tshwane University of Technology was founded in 2004 when three technikons merged to form Tshwane University of Technology. The university merger strives to correct historical injustices by offering access to all of our communities and a home for all of our students.
    By expanding access to higher education to solve our triple concerns of poverty, inequality, and unemployment, higher education institutions provide an intellectual home for all of our people, especially those on the periphery of society, both rural and urban.

Tshwane University of Technology Online Application 2023-2024

The TUT Application Process

  • Applicants must follow the format of each application in order to be admitted to continue their education. TUT has two faces to which applicants can apply. These are the people’s faces: Both a paper application and an online application system are available.

The hard copy application

  • Applicants for this type of application must obtain an application form from the University, fill it out by hand, then send or post it to the university for admission. Applicants who are interested in participating in this application procedure may contact the institution using the contact information provided below.

Contact Centre of Tshwane University of Technology

Tel: 086 110 2421
SMS Number: 30655

Applicants can apply by filling out a hardcopy application form and choosing one of the following options:

  • post it to:

Tshwane University of Technology
Private Bag X680
Pretoria 0001

  • or hand deliver to:

Central Admissions Office
Building 21-LG20
Pretoria Campus
Staatsartillerie Road
Pretoria West

Dates for the TUT Online Application are listed below.

TUT Online 2022 admissions applications commence on April 1 and close on September 30.

  • System for Online Applications
    To apply for the online application system, applicants should use the University’s online application system.
  • To submit an application to TUT, Applicants who use the online application must read the University Online system’s rules and regulations, as well as the Application guidelines.

To complete the online application procedure, you’ll need the following elements.

The following documents are required for the online application.

  • South African identification number
  • If you are an international student, you must have a passport number.
  • Have a working phone number and an email address.

Admission Requirements for Tshwane University of Technology’s Online Application

To be considered for admission, you must meet the following general entrance requirements:

  • All prospective students should be aware that admission rules for certain programs can change from year to year.
  • All applicants must pass the Senior Certificate level of English, which is the minimum supplementary language requirement; other programs may require that English be spoken as a first or second language.
  • Each program has its own set of prerequisites for admission.
  • Some programs will need students to take an admission test to determine if they will be accepted into the program or if they should take a prerequisite course.

click here for TUT Online application process

NSC – Gaps in your profile at Tshwane University of Technology ​

Minimum admissions standards at TUT, as well as the new NSC-result G format

Rating code​ Rating Marks
7 Outstanding achievement 80 – 100
6 Meritorious achievement 70 – 79
5 Degree substantial achievement 60 – 69
4 Diploma adequate achievement 50 – 59
3 Foundation moderate achievement 40 – 49
2 Elementary achievement 30 – 39
1​ Not achieved 0 –​ 29

The Tshwane University of Technology accepts applications.

  • By the specified deadlines, TUT requires an online application or a completely filled-out application form, as well as new certified (not older than one year) copies of your original identity document and (National) Senior Certificate and/or highest academic results, as well as the administration fee.

Tshwane University of Technology Online Application 2023-2024

How to Make an Application

  • TUT’s website, www.tut.ac.za, has an electronic application form that may be downloaded.
  • Fill in all of the required information to the best of your ability.
  • Assemble any relevant supporting documents and send them to the TUT admissions office.
  • Leave the place where the headmaster of the school will sign his name blank.
  • The acceptance and verification of your application form evidence will be processed and given to the admissions department.
  • To apply for TUT, go to the TUT website and fill out the form.

TUT Courses can be found here.

What to Keep in Mind When Applying Online

  • Please double-check that you have an email address. What if you don’t have one? First, get an email address.
  • Before you apply, you’ll need to figure out your APS score. Find out how to do it.
  • To avoid delays, make sure to fill out the application completely.
  • A certified copy of each candidate’s identification document is required (or Passports for international students).
  • Any of these documents should not be faxed by applicants.
  • Make sure you follow TUT’s additional instructions and vital information for applying online.
  • Remember that you must write National Benchmark Tests (NBTs) for TUT. More information about NBTs can be found here.

 Register online here

TUT Prospectus is available for download by applicants.

The application cost for TUT

  • An application fee of R240 must be sent with your application form. This money is used to cover the costs of processing application forms and is non-refundable if your application is turned down.

Helpful link from TUT

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