www north west university online application com 2023-2024

www north west university online application com 2023-2024

www north west university online application com 2023-2024

www north west university online application comĀ 

About nwu

  • Marsha Fuerst formed North-West College (NWC) in 1966. Mrs. Fuerst’s family has been in the allied health since the early 1950s. Mrs. Fuerst’s son, Mitchell Fuerst, still owns and runs North-West College. One of the College’s guiding principles is the Fuersts’ passion for career education and their desire to provide high-quality, relevant training.
  • The University’s aim is to prepare students for gainful employment through short-term programs. To accomplish this, the University has a competent faculty, well-qualified administrators, and a first-rate support team. The facilities are well-equipped, clean, and tastefully arranged to maintain a lively, cheerful, and inviting environment. The highest priority at the College is education quality. Students are accepted based on their ability to benefit, regardless of ethnicity, appearance, or creed.

www north west university online application com 2023-2024

  • The online application for the 2023 academic year at North-West University has been released. Applicants interested in studying at NWU can begin the application process.
  • NWU Online Application 2023, North-West University online application 2023 opening date, North-West University online application 2023 closure date, and other topics are covered on this page.

How to Apply for a Position at North-West University (NWU)

To successfully apply to NWU online, follow the step-by-step instructions.

  • Visit www.studies.nwu.ac.za for more information.
  • Click Online applications are accepted.
  • The Undertaking Documents are available for download (Mandatory)
  • Select New Application from the drop-down menu.
  • Make a new student ID number (Complete the fields to get your student number)
  • Your student number will be sent to your cell phone through SMS.
  • To log in, go to the Application Admission Page and enter your student number and pin.
  • Choose your application’s qualification (i.e undergraduate student)
  • Fill in the blanks.
  • All required supporting documents must be uploaded.
  • Send in your application today! (Press The Submit Button)

How to Apply Online for NWU 2023

  • Documents Required for the NWU Online Application
    All supporting documentation that prospective North West University students must be able to provide when applying for study admission is listed below.

South African Citizens and International Student Applicants each have their own set of supporting documentation.

  • South African Citizens’ Supporting Documents for the NWU Application
  • a copy of your photo identification (ID)
  • Copy of Grade 12 results, or Grade 11 results (Final Results Only), or Matric Certificate copy (if you have already passed matric)
  • Applicants who are currently working on improving their Grade 12 grades will be evaluated only after presenting their improved results to North-West University.
  • Applicants who pursue the Cambridge, GED, or any other non-NSC curriculum, or who may be exempt due to advanced age or post-school qualifications, must submit an exemption certificate issued by USAF Completed Undertaking (the mandatory download forms)
  • Phone Number and Email Address

International Students’ Supporting Documents for the NWU Application

  • a copy of the relevant outcomes
  • English Proficiency Copy of Home Country Passport
  • Student Medical Examination in South Africa


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